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Digitally Connect At-Risk Workers to Monitor and Manage Them in Real-Time

By digitizing the field, you make your workers' jobs easier, safe all while lowering your operating costs.

  • Use EHS programs to meet corporate safety, digitization, and other mandates.

  • Track and monitor your workers in real-time. 

  • Reduce time spent completing forms by as much as 66%. 

I'm ready to improve the safety of my at-risk workers. Schedule my free live demo.

“Before Field Safe, we had a constant struggle to get the Field Agents to complete the required daily reporting. Now with Field Safe, we have a much higher rate of compliance which yields better information. Getting information real-time from the field, as opposed to days later, has mad a significant difference to our operation.”

Land Management Company

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Predict and protect against emerging risks, conduct root cause analysis to understand and mitigate future threats, lower insurance and workers compensation costs, improve workforce planning and schedule asset maintenance by need and priority.