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Dave Wilkinson Joins Making Changes Association

Participating in its Women in Technology Advisory Committee is “Near and Dear to His Heart.”

As Field Safe’s VP of Technology, finding the best team members is a continual challenge for Dave Wilkinson. There is a lot of competition for the best people, and that is compounded by the fact there are so few women in the industry.

That’s why Dave jumped at the opportunity to join the Making Changes Association as a member of its Women in Technology Program Advisory Committee.

Dave says, “I’ve been in the tech sector for over 25 years and for a lot of absurd reasons, opportunities for female applicants to break into the industry have been needlessly few. When I started, less than 3% of technology professionals were women. Ten years later, that number rose to around 10%, but I still encountered very few in the Calgary marketplace. And even today, the number is alarmingly low. We have a long way to go, and it’s up to hiring managers and great organizations like Making Changes to help fix that gap.

Why Gender Diversity is So Important

Dave continues, “Our industry generally includes a wide array of cultures and backgrounds, but still struggles with a gender imbalance. I am a big believer in solving problems creatively. To do that well, we depend on the thoughts and experiences of everyone.

“Then there is the problem with such a small talent pool. There is massive demand for developers at all levels right now, from those who are just getting started in the industry to those with decades of knowledge. It can take months to find the right person. If we choose to eliminate half the population as potential candidates, we are shrinking that pool even more.”

Dave is encouraging his team to get actively involved to help solve the technology industry’s gender gap. Field Safe leadership is fully supportive, and you will hear more about this in the coming months, including internships, practicums and more.

“I still have a lot to learn about the challenges women face as I participate on the Advisory Committee and speak with program participants,” Dave says.  “I’m excited to uncover new ways Field Safe can help make a difference.”

About Making Changes Association

Making Changes Association is a dynamic non-profit organization that empowers women in transition by helping them build confidence and skills so they can participate as fully as possible in their communities. Learn more

About the Women in Technology Program

Our vision is equal representation of women in STEM fields.  Our mission is to empower women through technology training to launch their careers in the innovative and growing tech industry. We strive to ensure our students have the confidence, skills, and networks needed to reach their potential. Learn more.

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