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Telecommunications (Telco)

Telecommunications worker safety and data capture solutions

The Telco industry includes a variety of participants including carriers; construction and engineering firms; infrastructure, tower and antenna erectors and owners; and general maintenance and service companies. Responsibilities range from broadcasting only, to installing point to point radios, building out broadband infrastructure, and managing and maintaining co-location facilities.

Field Safe Connects Workers to Save Time, Save Money, and Save Lives.

At Field Safe, we understand the hazardous conditions your team members must work in, especially tower construction and maintenance. Our CEO and other members of our leadership team have experience in the industry. A high degree of technical competence is required and knowing your employees and contractors have the qualifications and training required is a key component in keeping them safe. By digitizing the field and facilitating instant communication, Field Safe helps you exceed your safety goals while creating operational efficiencies and lowering costs.

Telecommunications (Telco)

Key Benefits

Stay Connected.

Know where your people are, and what they are working on, at any time, anywhere in the world.

Ensure Action.

Automate corrective actions that ensure no hazard goes unresolved.

Eliminate Manual Processes.

Cut forms completion and submission times by as much as two thirds!

Improve Workflows.

Create smarter workflows that drive operational efficiencies like faster incident resolution and forms consolidation.

Comply with All Regulations.

Audit trails and digital forms ease certification processes and protect against non-compliance.


Additional benefits

Our team including employees, executives, partners, board members and advisors provides our clients an unrivalled combination of industry and health and safety subject matter expertise!

Construct an all-in-one health and safety program that facilitates communication, monitors journeys, tracks tasks, digitizes forms completion and data capture, ensures regulatory compliance, and improves decision making.

Field Safe integrates into any software platform and runs on Apple, Android, and Windows operating systems from any smart device, in the most remote and extreme environments.

Our partnership with emergency services providers initiates active monitoring of your team members so that if a check in is missed, pre-determined automated call responses are activated.

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