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Leveraging occupational safety compliance and corrective measures

The issues are the same, where there is a hazard, controls need to be put in place and it is up to everyone to look after each other. It is noted, how often in the future will safety pros return to the days of COVID-19 where creativity has occurred and miracles have occurred all over the world due to engagement at all levels? None of that was impossible. The response from the world to COVID-19 demonstrates just how sheer desire and determination can drive performance.

The response from the world to COVID-19 shows just how pure willingness and commitment will drive results. It is now everyone’s duty and that of safety professionals for our mutual commitment to security. COVID-19 has certainly brought about the biggest change in popular society ever seen. And not just for protection, but for all aspects of our lives. Human behaviour has totally shifted.

It is fascinating, as a safety professional, to see an organization’s commitment to standard safety protocols in today’s times – everything in the name of helping one another and ourselves. (Source: OHS Canada, 2020).

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