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Safety Is A Little More “Real” for the Workers at These Leading Companies

These leaders have partnered with Field Safe to create “Real Safety” for their at-risk workers. They represent Enterprise-level accounts with global operations and thousands of employees, as well as companies with smaller workforces conducting business in limited geographies. What they all have in common is a dedication to the health and safety of their people, their customers, and the environment.

Well Abandonment Service Company: 

Safety is always first (followed closely by the environment) for this Canadian firm focused on cleaning up and reclaiming orphaned, abandoned and decommissioned oil and gas sites. Their workers will utilize all of Field Safe’s health and safety solutions.

Two Construction Companies:

This construction company supports clients in a variety of industries across Western Canada and is focused on workplace and public safety. They have licensed Lone Worker Monitoring to achieve that and to ensure their people are never truly alone. 


Providing construction services for companies operating in a variety of industries in Saskatchewan requires strong attention to safety. Our new client recognizes their workers as being integral to their success and licensed Lone Worker Monitoring to ensure their safety.

Land Acquisition and Management Company:

For this company that has operated for many decades in Western Canada, safety never stops. They have licensed Field Safe’s full platform to create a healthy and safe workplace and protect the communities that they serve.

Energy Infrastructure Provider:

The workers, customers and the communities in which this clean energy infrastructure provider operates are all a little safer now that they have licensed Field Safe’s Journey Management solution. A strong health and safety program must include the journey.

Electric Utility:

Providing electrical power can be a dangerous undertaking. This company has licensed the full Field Safe platform to protect its workers as they develop distributed electrical generation projects in Western Canada.

Manufacturing Company:

As a global manufacturer of safety sealing solutions, this company takes safety seriously. They have licensed Field Safe’s full suite to protect workers, beginning with those in the US.

Cabling and IT Services Provider:

Field Safe is helping this new client keep its employees, contractors, the public, and the environment safe as they conduct business across Canada. Their goal is an incident-free workplace and recognized Field Safe as the vendor of choice to help them.

Construction Equipment Provider:

This global provider of equipment for construction companies is especially interested in Field Safe’s ability to grow with their needs. They are taking a phased approach to implementation, bringing Lone Worker Monitoring and Journey Management solutions to their teams in Southern Alberta first, and expanding from there. 


This new client turned to Field Safe to help them in their quest to conduct business in the safest, most environmentally responsible manner possible. They have licensed the full power of Field Safe to protect workers in the six US States in which they operate.


Ensuring the safe production of oil and gas in the most operationally efficient manner possible led this Canadian company to license the full Field Safe platform. Not only will they save time, money and lives, we are also helping them meet their stringent ESG mandates.


Alberta has some of the most geographically challenging and remote worksites in the oil and gas industry. Ensuring the safety of its remote and lone workers while lowering costs caused this forward-looking producer to license Field Safe’s Lone Worker Monitoring solution. 


Low-cost operations and high attention to worker safety are top focuses for this oil and gas producer operating in Western Canada. They have licensed Field Safe’s full platform to accomplish both.


This fast-growing Alberta company fosters a proactive safety culture that puts the health and safety of staff and the public above all else. They have licensed Lone Worker Monitoring to support their safety focus and grow with them as they acquire new assets.


This new entrant to the volatile oil and gas industry in Alberta turned to Field Safe to start them off on the right foot. They licensed Field Safe’s full suite of health and safety solutions to save time, save money and save lives as quickly as possible. 


The participants in Alberta’s oil and gas industry are incredibly competitive, but all share a mutual focus on worker safety. Word spreads fast when a solution proves itself. Our reputation in the industry was a strong reason why this producer chose Lone Worker Monitoring.

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