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Safety Just Got a Little More “Real” for These Field Safe Clients

These industry leaders use Field Safe to create “Real Safety” for their at-risk workers. This list includes Enterprise-level accounts with global operations and thousands of employees, as well as companies with smaller workforces conducting business in limited geographies. What they all have in common is a dedication to the health and safety of their people, their customers, and the environment. For their at-risk workers, safety just got a little more real.


This Enterprise EPC partnered with Field Safe several years ago and has exceeded every goal for worker safety and operational efficiency that they have set. We continue to expand our partnership with this leader. Our latest involves digitizing “Quality Check Sheet” functionality across several lines of business involving multiple countries.


Word of mouth travels fast. When that word is improved worker safety and operational efficiencies, those words travel even faster. This Canadian EPC has licensed Lone Worker Monitoring to achieve benefits similar to those we have provided other EPC clients. Worker safety and digitization across the organization are their top two.


For this Enterprise account with assets across North America, the path to improved worker safety and carbon neutrality are priorities. The company licensed Lone Worker Monitoring and Journey Management to help exceed these goals.

Energy Infrastructure, Transportation, Generation, and Distribution Provider

This energy giant has operations across North and Central America. They partnered with Field Safe to help them with at-risk worker safety and to digitize its entire operations. That initial experience with Field Safe was so successful, they have expanded our partnership in multiple ways, including licensing Lone Worker Monitoring and Journey Management.

Energy Trust 

This Western Canadian Energy Trust invests in oil and gas production companies. They have licensed the complete Field Safe platform to protect the workers at these companies and create operational efficiencies. 

Field Worker Safety

Oil & Gas Producer 

 “Community” is the fuel that drives this natural gas producer with operations in central Alberta. They are focused on protecting their internal community of workers and the community in which they operate and live and licensed Lone Worker Monitoring and Journey Management to help keep their communities safe.


This Western Canadian company is dedicated to helping its clients create operational efficiencies and improve oil and gas well productivity. They are also committed to the safety of their workers and have licensed Lone Worker Monitoring and Journey Management.


“More with Less.” This new client is focused on this internally but applies it to their customers, both operationally and to improve worker safety. They have licensed Field Safe’s full suite of products.


This multi-service US company provides its clients in locations worldwide with successful well-site operations, including improved production. They have licensed Lone Worker Monitoring and Journey Management.


Worker health and safety, carbon neutrality, high producing wells. These are the priorities this US-based company has partnered with Field Safe to achieve. They have licensed our complete platform.

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