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Safety Regulations Update

Failure to Comply With Safety Regulations Puts Your People and Bottom Line at Risk.

North American regulations protecting workers, especially those working alone or in difficult-to-reach locations, are some of the toughest in the world. Failure to comply can result in severe consequences. Field Safe not only improves the safety of your workers but protects your company’s bottom line and reputation.

Canada’s Westray Bill

In 1992, 26 miners died in an arguably preventable explosion at the Westray Mine in Nova Scotia. Canada’s Westray Bill was introduced as a result of that explosion. It provides a legal duty of care for workplace health and safety and imposes severe penalties for violations that result in injury or death.

Fines can be as high as CAD$100,000, with more serious offenses having no limit.

Learn more about the Westray Bill.

Ray Baum’s Act

In the U.S., one of the more recent safety regulations to emerge is the Ray Baum’s Act. This legislation was created to expedite the dispatch of emergency services to all individuals, regardless of location, fast and efficiently. The Act covers lone and remote workers who are especially at risk due to their location or lack of close workmates.

Lack of compliance can result in fines of up to U.S. $10k daily.

Learn more about Ray Baum’s Act.


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