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Together, We Can Stop the Rise of Workplace Incidents

Workplace Safety Incidents are On the Rise. 

It’s a sobering reality that in North America, in an average year, there are over 6,200 workplace fatalities and almost 1.2 million injuries. A digital health and safety solution can help stop this trend.

Let’s Work Together to Stop the Rise of Workplace Incidents.

At an average figure per incident of almost $170k, the total economic cost of these incidents is approximately US$200 billion. 

Can you withstand the impact of even one incident?


During the time it takes to conduct a typical meeting:

Field Safe has partnered with many companies to improve the safety of their at-risk workers.

They stay with us because we exceed those goals and create many additional benefits.

Accidents don’t wait, and neither should you.


Learn how, together with Field Safe, you can stop the rise of workplace incidents. Request a FREE demo.

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