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Three Tips to Unlock the Power of Your Field Data

Your field data has the potential to digitally transform your organization. Here are three tips to ensure you take advantage of all that data.


Tip 1: Capture and Share Data from the Field in Real-time.

Provide your workers with an easy-to-use solution to complete forms and they will use it. We have found over 80% adoption by users within 30 days of implementation.


Tip 2: Conduct Effective Data Analysis.

Whether you integrate it into operational systems or keep it separated, make sure you reap the full value of your field data. Data-informed decisions can decrease costs, increase efficiencies, impact revenue, and reduce expenses… all while protecting your at-risk workers.


Tip 3: Share the Results.

Your field data has the power to influence operations across your organization. Your digital health and safety solution should make it easy to export reports and send them to anyone.

Here’s The Proof

One of our clients (an oil and gas producer) is a great example of how field data can digitally transform your organization. With Field Safe, they easily and quickly capture, analyze, and share data across the organization. It is then used to improve maintenance scheduling. The result? A $4.5m reduction in operating costs and a $40m increase in net revenues. Read the entire case study.

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