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Vehicle Incidents Are a U.S. $39 Billion Problem

A Digital Journey Management Solution Can Help Address this Issue.

Make Sure Your People Don’t Become Part of These Statistics!

Most at-risk workers (including lone workers) have a journey included in their day. And that journey can be very risky when it comes to their safety.

The good news? A Journey Management Program is a simple solution to this significant problem. 

What is a Journey Management Program?

A Journey Management Program is a proactive tool for reducing travel-related risk for your workers. It involves analyzing each trip before it starts to identify potential risks so that you can protect against them.

Based on pre-set rules, your responses to a pre-trip questionnaire assign a level of risk (typically high, medium, or low). Then, pre-determined responses kick in to reduce those risks. These might include:

  • Take an alternate route.
  • Add additional time to get to your destination.
  • Postpone the trip until risk conditions improve.

Journey Management as Part of A Digital Health and Safety Program.

Choose an easy-to-use digital solution that includes a Journey Management Program and Lone Worker Monitoring functionality to ensure the best protection possible for your at-risk workers.

  • Identify travel risks and protect against them before a journey begins.
  • Instantly communicate with your team regardless of their location.
  • Track and monitor everyone’s location.
  • In the event of an incident, dispatch emergency personnel to assist.


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