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Your Input Is Requested: Alberta OHS Code Survey Closes May 10

The Alberta Government is seeking the input of workers, job creators, and health and safety professionals to help improve the OHS Code which hasn’t had a significant update for over a decade.
This survey is intended to obtain input on proposed changes to the OHS Code. The following Parts of the OHS Code are included for this round of consultation:
  • Part 4, Chemical Hazards, Biological Hazards and Harmful Substances;

  • Part 6, Cranes, Hoists, and Lifting Devices;

  • Part 10, Fire and Explosion Hazards;

  • Part 11, First Aid;

  • Part 13, Joint Work Site Health and Safety Committees;

  • Part 15, Managing the Control of Hazardous Energy;

  • Part 16, Noise Exposure;

  • Part 17, Overhead Power Lines;

  • Part 18, Personal Protective Equipment;

  • Part 20, Radiation Exposure;

  • Part 33, Explosives;

  • Part 36, Mining Safety; and

  • Part 37, Oil and Gas


Please take a few minutes to respond to their survey. 

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