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Case Studies

Learn how our clients SAVE TIME, SAVE MONEY AND SAVE LIVES with Field Safe

Whether a global Fortune 200 Enterprise or a smaller operation with a handful of remote workers, our clients all share a common goal… the health and safety of their employees. Field Safe protects workers in any industry including oil and gas, mining, agriculture, construction, telecommunications, utilities, and government. Here are a few of their stories.
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Helix IT

“I estimate I’m saving 15 hours a week already in administrative time, applying those hours to higher value projects that will get us to our goal of being an industry leader in health and safety. I expect that trend to continue as we finish the implementation and roll out.”

Accede Energy

“Before Field Safe I spent approximately 85% of my time dealing with paperwork, making sure it was filed and it was all there. On a scale of 1-10 of being tech savvy I would place myself at 2 before Field Safe. Field Safe is very easy to maneuver around and get what you are looking for. Whether there would be forms, creating your own forms, tracking employees. It’s all easy, and right there, it’s just push and learn.”

Oil & Gas Producer

This oil and gas produced reduced operating costs by $4.5m and increased net revenue by $40m annually by digitizing its field workers.

Drilling & Well Services

“Digitization of our existing forms has reduced the time to complete by over 2/3rds. We expect this single form will save over 1100 man-hours per year. As well, the data is available real-time for better decision making and further operational efficiencies.”

Energy Services

“We have been active in M&A which ends up with multiple processes and systems. The ease of use of Field Safe has allowed us to digitize and streamline processes quickly and efficiently.”

Land & Enviro Consulting

“We had looked for many years for a complete solution that could handle our business needs. Field Safe Solutions was the first that provided the complete end-to-end solution and is also easy to use for our staff. We now have real-time access to information and have more data being submitted, all resulting in better decision-making capability.”

Land Management

“Before Field Safe, we had a constant struggle to get the Field Agents to complete the required daily reporting. Now with Field Safe, we have a much higher rate of compliance which yields better information. Getting the information real-time from the field, as opposed to days later, has made a significant difference to our operation.”

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