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Case Study

Ease of Use and Smarter Workflows Simplify Field Data Collection, Connect Workers, Create More Efficient Operations for Energy Services Firm

Energy Services

The Challenge

Our client had been active in a number of mergers and acquisitions that resulted in multiple processes and technologies, none of which was easy to use or delivered data back to head office in real-time. Existing tools did not allow for communication between head office and field workers or visibility into worker location. Our client was especially interested in finding an easy-to-use solution that team members would readily adopt.

The Solution

Field Safe’s Lone Worker Monitoring solution was chosen due to its ease of use and real-time delivery of information between the field and head office. Field Safe reviewed existing processes and implemented smarter workflows across the company’s North American operations.

The Results

As expected, team members quickly adopted our easy-to-use solution. Forms completion and submission rates have risen, resulting in more (and more accurate) data being collected. Head office can instantly see where workers are, the activities they are working on, and can communicate with them at any time, anywhere.

Next Steps

The real-time access to data creates many opportunities for operational efficiencies. In our role as “trusted advisor” we are coaching our client on how to fully leverage their partnership with us to manage that data and drive the continuous improvement of their safety program.


“We have been active in M&A which ends up with multiple processes and systems. The ease of use of Field Safe has allowed us to digitize and streamline processes quickly and efficiently.”

Executive VP

Energy services company