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Easy-to-use safety solutions that support today’s Connected Worker.

Whether Enterprise-size company or small, our configurable solutions fit organizations of all sizes, across all industries. However, our team has particular experience in the following verticals.
Field Safe Runs on Smart Phones

Modular, Configurable Solutions That Fit Your Unique Needs

Oil & Gas

You operate in arguably the world’s most volatile industry. Operating margins are tight and public scrutiny intense. The need to ensure the safety of your people, your communities and your reputation while operating as efficiently and cost effectively as possible is critical.

Oilfield Services

Oilfield Services companies support oil and gas industry participants in a variety of ways including the repair and maintenance of pipelines and rigs, seismic testing, well construction and geological sciences. This close association means your industry can be exceptionally impacted by the rise and fall of oil and gas demand and price. What never changes is your focus on keeping workers safe and connected whether in the field, the office, working from home, or in transit.

Electric Utilities

From generation to transmission to distribution, there is a reason why electric utility companies look to Field Safe to protect their lone and at-risk workers.


Planting and climbing trees, operating equipment, watching for wild animals and falling branches… it’s all part of a typical day for workers in the forestry sector. Factor in remote locations and traveling to site on minimally maintained, rough roads and you have a recipe for high-risk conditions.

Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC)

From design, engineering, procurement, construction, and the handoff of the finished site to its owner, Field Safe helps improve worker safety while creating operational efficiencies that keep projects on time, on budget, and in compliance with strict safety protocols and regulations.


Construction teams work in challenging environments and include engineers, inspectors, welders, equipment operators, and environmental technicians performing a variety of tasks including asset installation, environmental monitoring, heavy equipment operation, and regulatory compliance.

Land and Enviro Services

Land and environmental services teams perform a variety of tasks, often working alone in inclement weather and dealing with land owners or even encountering criminal activities.

Telecommunications (Telco)

The Telco industry includes a variety of participants including carriers; construction and engineering firms; infrastructure, tower and antenna erectors and owners; and general maintenance and service companies. Responsibilities range from broadcasting only, to installing point to point radios, building out broadband infrastructure, and managing and maintaining co-location facilities.

Municipal Government

Municipal governments have a duty of care to provide citizens the best services and resources possible, efficiently and cost effectively, while ensuring the safety of their army of workers.

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