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Case Study

With Implementation Having Just Begun, This IT Provider is Already Seeing Administrative Time Savings of 15 Hours Per Week.

Helix IT

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North America

The Challenge

Helix IT has a number of field workers who must travel great distances to work sites. Existing safety processes were ineffective and not only jeopardized worker safety but also created hours of administrative support time managing and rekeying forms. Helix IT wanted a solution that would resolve these issues and support their goal to be an industry leader in HSE and an injury and incident-free workplace. They turned to Field Safe.

The Solution

Field Safe is the health and safety platform of choice for a company where Helix IT installed cable. They were introduced to our platform including our Lone Worker Monitoring, Journey Management and Real-time Documentation solutions on our mutual client’s site and liked what they saw. The fact that a major EPC had selected our health and safety solution was especially compelling as were the additional benefits a digital solution provides including:

  • Improved employee and contractor safety
  • Reduced time spent on the administration of paperwork
  • Support of their goal of being an HSE leader
  • Impact on the ability to win future work from companies for whom proving a strong safety culture is a requirement for awarding contracts.


The Results

To date, only one half of Helix IT’s field worker forms have been digitized and 1/3 of the total workforce set up to use the
solutions but already time savings are being realized.

Next Steps

We will soon complete the digitization of Helix IT’s remaining forms and the roll out to the rest of the team. Focus will then turn to
ensuring they are taking advantage of their investment in our solutions and reaping the full benefit. Of special note is the
opportunity to shorten sales cycles and win more business that having a strong safety culture creates.


“I estimate I’m saving 15 hours a week already in administrative time, applying those hours to higher value projects that will get us to our goal of being an industry leader in health and safety. I expect that trend to continue as we finish the implementation and roll out.”

Cody Trendall

Manager of EHS, 

Helix IT