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Case Study

Accede Energy’s Paperless Data Capture Connects Workers, Creates Smarter Workflows, Improves Forms Completion and Submission.

Accede Energy

The Challenge

Accede Energy was spending too much time on paperwork. Field workers found it difficult to locate, complete and submit forms, and head office was spending too much time chasing late or incomplete information. Additionally, management did not have a clear understanding of where workers were at any given time and could not readily communicate with them.

The Solution

Accede engaged Field Safe to conduct a review of existing workflows and forms and licensed Lone Worker Monitoring, Real-Time Documentation, Journey Management and Safety Ticket Management to digitize field data capture and connect workers.

The Results

Users love Field Safe and its ease of use. Paperwork processing time savings of approximately 85% allow managers to focus on higher-value projects. Head office now knows in real-time the location of workers, what projects they are working on, and the status of those projects. “Just in time” access to documents, including safety manuals, is an additional benefit.

Hear one user describe his workday pre- and post-Field Safe.

Watch the Video Case Study.

Next Steps

Digitizing field data collection has resulted in more information being shared. As a trusted advisor, Field Safe is working closely with Accede to help them analyze and leverage that data to drive continuous improvement of their safety programs as well as other operational efficiencies.


“Digitization of our existing forms has reduced the time to complete by over 2/3rds. We expect the time savings from a single form will save over 1100 man-hours per year.”

Director, HSE

Multi-national drilling and well services company

“Before Field Safe I spent approximately 85% of my time dealing with paperwork, making sure it was filed and it was all there. On a scale of 1 – 10 of being tech savvy I would place myself at 2 before Field Safe.”

June Allport

Health & Safety Manager, 

Accede Energy Services