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Case Study

Land & Environmental Consulting Company Digitizes Field Data Capture, Creates All-in-One Safety Program

Land & Enviro Consulting

The Challenge

Our client had looked for many years for an easy-to-use digital solution that would cost effectively manage its safety program from end-to-end.

The Solution

Field Safe’s Lone Worker Monitoring, Journey Management and Real-Time Documentation solutions were chosen to create an easy-to-use, all-in-one safety program that digitizes field data capture, delivers more (and more accurate) data in real-time, and supports data-driven decision making.

The Results

Field Safe digitized the entire safety platform including 29 field forms and custom operational information. Access to more, and more accurate, information is creating additional operational efficiencies through improved decision making.

Next Steps

Our client is committed to digitizing its operations to continuously improve worker safety and create new operational efficiencies. They see Field Safe as key to that success and are keen to ensure they take full advantage of our application’s power.


“Our system is so easy to use, we ship without a manual!”

Cam Barrett


Field Safe Solutions