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Easy-to-use safety solutions that support today’s connected worker.

Field Safe helps you construct a complete, all-in-one health and safety system that facilitates real-time communication, monitors journey management, tracks tickets and tasks, digitizes forms completion and data capture, ensures regulatory compliance and improves corporate decision making.
Field Safe Runs on Smart Phones

Modular, Configurable Solutions That Fit Your Unique Needs

Pandemic Safety and Return to Work Support

Instant awareness of your team members’ location, their health and safety status, and fitness for duty has never been more important.

Connected Worker

Connecting your workers with a digital safety application helps executives, board members and health and safety professionals meet their goals of improving worker safety while creating optimized, lower cost operations.

Asset Location Tracking Services and Maintenance

Understand the status of assets and location of the closest and most qualified team members to optimally perform any required maintenance.


Track asset health, monitor employees and contractors, and gain instant awareness of site check-in and check-out easily and cost effectively.

Employee and Contractor Monitoring

Instant awareness of worker location and certifications helps you cost effectively deploy them to resolve your highest priority business needs.

Compliance Calendar

Field Safe’s Compliance Calendar simplifies the administration of, and provides a clear line of sight to, the status of all your safety, regulatory, and environmental programs’ compliance obligations.

Corrective Actions Register

Field Safe’s Corrective Actions Register ensures that identified deficiencies don’t fall through the cracks. We do this by automating the instant creation of action plans and simplifying the process of managing the completion of tasks required to fulfill them.

Journey Management

Field Safe’s Journey Management solution connects workers so that you can track the status of a journey from end to end. Through prompts and reminders sent via mobile devices, workers can easily update, complete, share and report on all stages of their travel.

Lone Worker Monitoring

In North America, we have some of the world’s most stringent regulations to protect lone workers. Even without them, your primary goal is to keep your people safe. Field Safe’s Lone Worker Monitoring solution makes it easy because with Field Safe, they’re never truly alone.

Mobile Notifications

Field Safe’s Mobile Notifications solution makes it easier for clients to notify team members about new safety requirements and remind them of upcoming deadlines.

Real-Time Documentation

Field Safe’s Real-Time Documentation solution facilitates the instant exchange of information between workers and staff by digitizing field data collection. Team members electronically receive, complete, edit and submit paperwork.

Regulatory Compliance

Legislation governing health and safety can be federal, provincial, state, or industry mandated. It can be difficult to keep up with all of them but failure to comply can affect worker safety, your reputation, operating costs, and even your ability to conduct business.

Safety Ticket Management

Field Safe’s Safety Ticket Management solution tracks the accreditation of employees and contractors which improves worker safety while lowering operating costs.

Smarter Workflows

Smarter workflows minimize the steps necessary to record an event, provide notification to the responsible people based on pre-defined rules, determine the actions required and assign them to the accountable person(s), all while providing visibility to completion status throughout the entire process.

Task Completion Workflow

Field Safe’s Task Completion Workflow solution enables the efficient assignment, routing, approvals, and completion of tasks and work permits. Customized views provide instant understanding of your workers’ activities at a team, as well as individual, level.

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