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Real-Time Documentation

Fast, easy forms completion and data capture.

Field Safe’s Real-Time Documentation solution facilitates the instant exchange of information between workers and staff by digitizing field data collection. Team members electronically receive, complete, edit and submit paperwork.

Just-in-time access to reference documents. Digitized field data collection.

Safety manuals, policies and procedures and other reference documents are kept current and available immediately to workers as need arises. Mobile devices facilitate the fast and simple collection of field data and direct it into smarter workflows to connect workers and improve safety and corporate decision making.

Real-Time Documentation

Key Benefits

Ease of Use.

All of our solutions are the easiest to use in the market. Forms are completed fast with less errors and submitted quickly and efficiently.

Incident Prevention.

Digitizing forms completion allows head office to analyze data in real-time, spotting trends and taking preventive actions that can reduce incidents.

Data Efficiency Gains.

Digital processes increase the field data collected by as much as 20x and decrease time spent completing forms by as much as 66%!

Knowledge Sharing.

Information is available to, and communicated with, workers in real-time, ensuring they have the knowledge needed to perform tasks safely, and nimbly adapt to changing conditions.

Regulatory Compliance.

Instant access to regularly updated safety manuals combined with real-time field data helps protect against non-compliance.


Additional benefits

Construct an all-in-one health and safety program that facilitates communication, monitors journeys, tracks tasks, digitizes forms completion and data capture, ensures regulatory compliance, and improves decision making.

Field Safe integrates into any software platform and runs on Apple, Android and Windows operating systems from any smart device, in the most remote and extreme environments.

Our partnership with emergency services providers initiates active monitoring of your team members so that if a check in is missed, pre-determined automated call responses are activated.

Our team including employees, executives, partners, board members and advisors provides our clients an unrivalled combination of industry and health and safety subject matter expertise!

Case Studies

Accede Energy

Accede Energy’s Paperless Data Capture Connects Workers, Creates Smarter Workflows, Improves Forms Completion and Submission.
“Before Field Safe I spent approximately 85% of my time dealing with paperwork, making sure it was filed and it was all there. On a scale of 1-10 of being tech savvy I would place myself at 2 before Field Safe. Field Safe is very easy to maneuver around and get what you are looking for. Whether there would be forms, creating your own forms, tracking employees. It’s all easy, and right there, it’s just push and learn.”

Land & Enviro Consulting

Land & Environmental Consulting Company Digitizes Field Data Capture, Creates All-in-One Safety Program
“We had looked for many years for a complete solution that could handle our business needs. Field Safe Solutions was the first that provided the complete end-to-end solution and is also easy to use for our staff. We now have real-time access to information and have more data being submitted, all resulting in better decision-making capability.”

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