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Safety Regulations Update

Failure to Comply With Safety Regulations Puts Your People and Bottom Line at Risk. North American regulations protecting workers, especially those working alone or in difficult-to-reach locations, are some of the toughest in the world. Failure to comply can result in severe consequences. Field Safe not only improves the safety

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Vehicle Incidents Are a U.S. $39 Billion Problem

A Digital Journey Management Solution Can Help Address this Issue. Make Sure Your People Don’t Become Part of These Statistics! Most at-risk workers (including lone workers) have a journey included in their day. And that journey can be very risky when it comes to their safety. The good news? A

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Unlock the Power of Your Field Data

Generate Value Across the Organization. All your field data is first and foremost supporting your health and safety initiatives and will positively impact your safety culture. But when integrated into systems and shared across the organization, it also can generate value and transform other LOBs. For instance, the forms completed

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The Evolving Role of the Health and Safety Professional

A New Voice is Creating Value For the Board Real-time access to data is driving organizational efficiencies and therefore elevating the ability of health and safety professionals to create value. According to the American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP), workplace safety is evolving from being compliance-driven to a strategic return

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Three Tips to Unlock the Power of Your Field Data

Your field data has the potential to digitally transform your organization. Here are three tips to ensure you take advantage of all that data.   Tip 1: Capture and Share Data from the Field in Real-time. Provide your workers with an easy-to-use solution to complete forms and they will use

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Digital Transformation is Changing the Face of Organizations

To help us better understand the Boardroom’s perspective on safety, we turned to Field Safe Advisory Board Member Tracy Paddock Beam. Tracy is CEO of Strategic Transformation Partners and a sought-after Business Transformation and Innovation expert. She leads Fortune 100 companies’ transformation efforts, assists executives in identifying strategic goals, and

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