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Together, We Can Stop the Rise of Workplace Incidents

Workplace Safety Incidents are On the Rise. It’s a sobering reality that in North America, in an average year, there...

Case Study: minimizing lost revenue to reduce operating costs and increase net revenues.

How did minimizing lost revenue create a high ROI for an oil and gas producer? They chose Field Safe to...
Lone Worker Testimonial

Lone Worker Testimonial

Watch our Lone Worker Testimonial video to learn how to protect your at-risk workers in even the most remote locations.
Field Safe and Capital Power Partners in Safey

Partners in Safety: Capital Power and Field Safe

To Capital Power, zero means everything. The Alberta-headquartered industry giant is dedicated to the safety of its employees, contractors, and...

From SMB to Enterprise-level Accounts, These Clients Take Safety Seriously

Field Safe clients include Enterprise-level accounts with global operations and thousands of employees, as well as companies with smaller workforces...

Take An Innovative Approach to Evolve Your Safety Program

by Doug Junor, Director of Innovation and Strategic Partnerships Many executives have mandates to digitally transform their organizations. Technology is...

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